Did you know that mowing with dull blades uses more fuel? Did you know that mowing with dull blades actually rips the blades of grass instead of cutting them causing you lawn to be vulnerable to disease?

We can help keep those blades sharp. We will sharpen and balance your blade(s) for only $5 per blade (blade removed from mower). You can bring your equipment in with the blades on and we will sharpen them for an additional $5 each. We can sharpen your blade(s) while you wait.

Did you know that cutting with a dull chain on your chainsaw takes more effort and is harder on your equipment? Did you know that dull chains will not cut straight?

We can sharpen your chains on your chainsaw while you wait. We will sharpen chains for $7.50 each (chain removed from chainsaw). We can also sharpen the chain on the saw for an additional $5.00.